Jackpot Mixa Predictions

Horse Racing is one of the most popular sports when it comes to betting and many punters have won millions betting on this sport. There is no sport that gives you an adrenaline rush like horse racing and that may be one of the reasons why people wager on horse races. The other reason why most punters prefer betting on horses is because of the predictability of the sport, which is of course subject to debate because many a times,  there have been some major upsets where the underdogs went on to win the race.
Hollywoodbets is one of the betting sites which offer Horse Racing on their platform and many of their customers wager on this sport either online or at their betting outlets. The success of this sport on the Hollywoodbets platform can be evidenced by the decision of Hollywoodbets to become the naming rights sponsor for the Greyville and Scottsville racecourses in a 3-year deal in 2019 and the racecourses will now be known as Hollywoodbets Greyville Racecourse and Hollywoodbets Scottsville Racecourse.
Betting on horses is not rocket science as it is one sport with a few betting markets due to the fact that races are very short, taking just a few minutes to complete. Some of the markets in horse racing are Win, Place, Shaw, Triffecta, Each Way, Swinger, Exacta, Quartet, Double, Pick 6 and Jackpot, This article seeks to explain one product being offered by Hollywoodbets which is called the Jackpot Mixa, which we also include in our horse racing tips for today.
The Jackpot Mixa is an exciting wager which allows you to take a bet on a winner in a total of four consecutive races. The races which are part of the Jackpot Mixa are races from different  countries which are mixed together to form the jackpot mixa. When you are taking a Jackpot Mixa bet, you have the option to choose more than one horse per each individual race.
It is important for you to realise that the races that form the Jackpot Mixa are pre-selected by Hollywoodbets and you cannot make the selections yourself, you are only responsible for placing your wagers on the Jackpot Mixas which are already there. There number of jackpot Mixas on a day is guided by the number of races on that particular day, so the more the races, the more the jackpots, but keep it in mind that there may be days where there is no jackpot mixa at all.
How do i get access and play the jackpot Mixa? 
If you wish to wager on Jackpot Mixa on the Hollywoodbets platform, visit their website on https://www.hollywoodbets.net/ and click on the ‘Horse Racing’ link located on the sports menu of the site. Under ‘Horse Racing’, proceed by clicking on the ‘South Africa’ link which gives you access to all the races taking places in South Africa, and that is where ‘Jackpot Mixa’ also appears. Click on the ‘Jackpot Mixa’ of your choice and proceed to clicking any of the four races for that ‘Jackpot Mixa’. When you click on a race, it will be on the Win/Place bet type by default, change it to jackpot and you will be able to place your ‘Jackpot Mixa’ bet