Tabgold Race Dividends

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Tаb Gоld is а South African bооkmаkеr thаt hаs bееn in the betting industry for quite some time now as it was established in 1963 and has maintained the excellent service they have always been known for over the years. The bookmaker offers quite a number of exciting betting products to its punters such аs sоссеr, bаskеtbаll, tеnnis, bаsеbаll, аnd rugby аmоngst оthеrs, but Tab Gold is quite popular for its horse racing product which is its strongest point and Tab Gold are arguably the best in South Africa when it comes to Horse Racing betting because no bookmaker covers horse racing the way Tab Gold does. Tab Gold is liсеnsеd by the Wеstеrn Саре Gаmbling аnd Rасing Bоаrd and its ownership rests on Gold Circle (Pty) Ltd. With Tab Gold, you can get access to fixed odds, dividends, results, run-ons and past runs and also place bets. See all TABGold fixtures here.

What are TAB Gold Dividends

When we refer to dividends in horse racing, this is the amount a horse is paying to win or get a place (1st, 2nd and 3rd). Dividends are displayed either on the Tab Gold website or at the racecourse. The first amount you see is what the horse is paying for a win and the second is its price should it place. On the race card, Tab Gold indicated which horses are the favourites and these are the horse the majority of punters think will win. Interestingly enough, favourites win about 30% of the time. Some of the Dividends on the Tab Gold platform are:
Win/Place Dividends
Swinger Dividends
Exacta Dividends
Double Dividends
Below are some of the examples of how the dividends are calculated;

How are TAB GOLD Dividends calculated

Dividends are available in Tote betting whereby if you bet on a horse, if it wins you share the pool with others who backed it. It is important to note that the more people who back the winner, the lower the winning dividend and the fewer people who back the winner, the higher the winning dividend. Bet Win, Place, Each-Way or have a go at a variety of multi-leg and exotic Tote pools.
When you bet with the Tote, instead of giving your money to a bookmaker, everybody’s money is pooled together. If your horse wins, you share the pool of money with the others who also backed it. The more people who backed the horse, the less you will win. If very few people back your selection, the winning dividend will be higher. The dividends are worked out and determined by how much the pool is.
Tote odds are calculated by dividing the total pool by the number of winning tickets in the pool. For example, if R5000 is the total pool for a race after deductions and R1000 (20%) of the pool was on your selection, the winning dividend will be: R5000/R1000 = R5.0 or “4/1”.

When are Tab Gold dividends updated?

Please note that Tab Gold dividents update after every race and they are for the following races;
Pick3 1-3 Pick3 2-4
Pick3 3-5 Pick3 4-6
Pick3 5-7 Pick3 7-9
Place Accumulator 3-9 Jackpot 5-8
Jackpot 6-9 Jackpot 6-9
Bipot 2-7 Pick6 4-9