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What South Africa Horse Racing Tips do we provide?

We provide tips for all South African Horse Races, and we do this each day. For every day, you will be able to see the upcoming races and our top tips for each horse race. In order to provide our tips we use historical data and push it through our predictionEngine. This then provides data which we share with you, to empower you to make better, more informed betting decisions. For each race, we will show you the top 3 performing results for horses that finished in the top 3. We also show you the top 3 results for horses that have won and show you their winning percentage. You can then use these horse racing tips to decide which horse to back.

Biggest Horse Racing Events in South Africa

Horseracing has been immensely popular in South Africa for more than 220 years, and there are three major races that set thousands of pulses racing: The Summer Cup, the J&B Met, and the Vodacom July.
Serious punters and spectators that want to attend them carefully plan their schedules around these 3 spectacular events, while newspaper reporters eagerly await interviewing horse owners and dazzling celebrities that attend them on the day. The three major cities in our country hosting the prime races, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, are abuzz long before the actual races occur. People literally live, breathe and eat the ambience that accompanies the introduction into the weeks leading up to them.

And on the day of the event, the commotion sweeps away the few that still remained without horse fever, and magically wakes them up in an extravaganza of proceedings that leave them all in awe.

What could be more eye-catching than window-shopping the appearance of magnificent animals that are at the ready to measure endurance, or the eye-popping models displaying an array of colourful fashion? Nothing! There may be a slight pip at the post where catering is concerned, but all in all, these three gatherings make for exciting times

Horse racing in South Africa started with the imported horses by Dutch explorer Jan van Riebeek to the Cape from Persia and South America in 1652.

The first official horse race was held in South Africa’s recorded history In Cape Town, on the Green Point Common in September of 1797. One of South Africa’s first champions was named Tumbler, he was so successful he was raced against British imports.
He was the perfect example of a South African thoroughbred that were tough and agile and could run great distances. Soon after this, The Jockey Club of South Africa was founded in 1882 in Port Elizabeth which changed its name to the National Racing Authority.
With the discovery of wealth in Kimberly for diamonds and in Gauteng for gold, the racing industry was able to coax more wealthy interest in horse betting in South Africa. Within a year of the discovery of gold in South Africa the Johannesburg turf club held its first meeting in June of 1887. The first South African Derby was held in 1885 in Port Elizabeth. It ran in Port Elizabeth annually until it moved to the new Rand influx creating a wealthy capital of horse racing in Johannesburg.
The Main Horse Racing Tracks in South Africa are in Fairview, Port Elizabeth, Flamingo Park, Kimberly, Turffontein, Johannesburg, Greyville, Durban, The Vaal, Johannesburg, Kenilworth, Cape Town and Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg.
There are three major horse racing events born and bred in South Africa which locals and internationals alike look forward to each year. The Durban July, the Sun Met, and the Triple Crown.
With Sunbet you can place bets on local races as well as ones that take place in the UK and Ireland. Betting and horse racing have come a long way together and are somewhat inseparable in this day and age. We associate horse racing with betting due to its start and history in South Africa and all around the world.

Five Most Popular Betting Markets for Horse Racing

When it comes to sports betting, horse racing does eclipse all other sports in terms of popularity. The popularity of horse racing betting stems from the adrenaline rush that engulfs the punters as they watch their picks take to the track to compete. With hundreds of dollars sometimes even thousands staked, it’s difficult to explain the feeling that exists amongst punters during the seconds that the horses will be racing up until they reach the finishing line.

Since time immemorial, many punters have found comfort and solace in horse racing betting. By just seeing the emotions that punters espouse as the race begins, many others find themselves joining the horse racing betting bandwagon with the sole intention of experiencing the joys, high and lows of horse racing betting. If you are reading this article, then it’s probably because you are also looking to join the horse racing bandwagon. If so, then all we can say is that you have taken a noble decision. You will find all the fun and entertainment you are looking for when you start your betting adventure.

In as much as the fun factor is a common denominator amongst punters, there are some who are looking for something extra. This extra something comes from scooping some excellent payouts when the backed horses finish in winning positions. The trick to backing ‘winning horses’ lies in picking the right betting markets. The task of picking the right betting markets is often a daunting and overwhelming process owing to the sheer high number of options available. Fortunately for you, we have already done the daunting and overwhelming process and here are the top five horse racing betting markets.

The Top Five

  1. Straight/Win Bet

The Win Bet is the most popular betting market. This necessitated by the fact that it’s a pretty straightforward market which entails picking the horse that you think will win the match. Beginners often prefer this market as it affords them the opportunity to make use of stuff such as ‘favourites’ and ‘underdogs’. By deducing the favourite and the underdog, the punter will have an opportunity to back either one using the Win Bet. Regular punters can also make use of form stats to deduce which horse to back. Though a straightforward bet, the Win Bet often comes with reasonable odds as punters are forced to pick just one horse from 6 or 8 options.

  1. Each Way Bet

Another popular betting market is the Each Way Bet. Some beginners may find it difficult to opt for the Win Bet owing to the fact that they are forced to pick just one horse from a pool with several options. When it comes to the Each Way Bet, punters are however placing two bets at once (Win Bet and Place Bet) thereby reducing the risk of losing while at the same time increasing the opportunity to win. In general, an Each Way Bet entails picking a horse that you think will finish in position 1, 2 or 3. In some instances however, more so, when it comes to large handicaps, an Each Way Bet may also comprise of position 4 and 5. What this therefore means is that if the punter’s pick finishes in fifth position, then the stake will pay out. The Grand National Steeplechase is one example in which an Each Way Bet may consider position 4 and 5.

  1. Reverse Forecast Bet

There are some punters who do not fancy backing a single horse. For such type of punters, Reverse Forecast Bet is often the go to betting market. The Reverse Forecast Bet allows the punter to pick back two different horses to finish in position 1 and 2. Even more impressive about this betting market is that even if the two horses do not finish in the exact order as predicted by the punter, for as long as they finish as the top two in a race, the stake will pay out. As this market is more difficult in comparison to the Win Bet as well as the Each Way Bet, it does come with higher odds making it lucrative for those who like scooping a huge payout at once.

  1. Combination Tricast Bet

When feeling extremely lucky at any point in time, most punters go for the Combination Tricast Bet. The Combination Tricast Bet goes a little further in comparison to the Reverse Forecast Bet as it allows punters to back three horses at once. Punters will have to pick the three horses that they think will finish in the top three. It does not matter in which order they finish, for as long as the punter’s three picks are all in the top three, then the punter will receive his payout. Of course, it’s more difficult to pick three horses at once and as such, betting houses offer excellent odds for punters who opt for this market.

  • Swinger

At times, punters may be confident that the favourite will finish in winning positions (position 1, 2 or 3) while at the same time confident that the underdog or any other horse has a real chance of finishing the winning positions. In such a scenario, the option is to go for the Swinger. The Swinger market entails picking two horses that the punter thinks will finish in the top three regardless of position. There are three winning combinations in this market which are: 1st and 2nd, 1st and 3rd as well as 2nd and 3rd.  

Round Up

From the above, we believe that you have found one or more enticing betting markets for your next punting adventure. There is no need to wait now other than to visit the betting house of your choice and use your newly acquired knowledge to back your favourite horse. All that we can say now is happy punting and good luck.