Pick 6 Horse Racing Tips

Horse racing is quite popular in South Africa and this is evidenced by the number of horse racing tournaments that take place all year round across all provinces in South Africa, most of the tournaments that occur in South Africa attract international riders and spectators, and this further proves just how popular horse racing is in South Africa. The sport is also popular in the betting industry as a good number of the bets that are placed in South Africa are horse racing based. It is important to note that there is need for one to fully understand the betting structure of horse racing in order for one to make informed and meaningful bets, this articles takes a look at what Pick 6 is in horse racing. See also MagicGrid

What is Pick 6

Pick 6 is a very popular wager in horse racing betting a punter is required to select the winners of six consecutive races. What makes Pick 6 a popular bet is the fact that it usually has very high payouts as compared to other wagers and the reason is because of its difficulty since it is quite difficult to make that prediction. If you are familiar with the Daily Double, then you would easily understand Pick 6 because they are quite similar in nature, the only difference being that with Daily Double, you only have to predict the winner of two consecutive races, whereas with Pick 6, you have to make a prediction an all 6 races. Below is an example of a Pick 6 bet whereby a punter selects the horse to win in all the 6 races;
Race 1: Horse #8 to win
Race 2: Horse #7 to win
Race 3: Horse #3 to win
Race 4: Horse #3 to win
Race 5: Horse #1 to win
Race 6: Horse #1 to win
When you are betting on Pick 6, you will be betting into a pool and these pools can reach amounts to the excess of R10 000 000, which is always great for punters. In order for you to win the Pick 6, the bettor must get every prediction correct. If just one of the bettor’s selections finishes in second place or worse, the bet is lost. Since we have already established just how difficult a Pick 6 wager is, there is an option which makes Pick 6 betting a little bit easier.

What are Pick 6 Permutations and why do we need them?

Permutations in Pick 6 betting were introduced to make Pick 6 a little easier because with Permutations, punters are afforded the opportunity to pick more than one horse in every race. You can make use of the Permutations If you are not sure who to single in a particular race, and you can narrow down the choices (and the cost of your ticket) by selecting several horses. Below is a good example of a permutation;
Leg 1 – 1, 4, 6
Leg 2 – 2, 7
Leg 3 – 3, 7, 10
Leg 4 – 2, 1, 8
Leg 5 – 7, 2
Leg 6 – 5, 10
Perm = R216
Please note that a permutation is worked out by multiplying the number of horses in the various legs by each other. It is important to note that this bet can also be taken as a percentage. To better explain what the percentage entails, we will continue with the example above, if you take the bet for R21.60, it would then mean that you would receive 10% of the dividend if you are fortunate enough to win and that 10% is your percentage share.

What is first timer rule?
The firsttimer rule states that if a first-time runner wins one of the legs of your bet, the first previously raced runner would count in all winning tickets.

What is scratchings?
If it so happens that the horse that you have in your Pick 6 gets scratched, your selection will be replaced by the eventual tote favourite as declared by the TabGold website.

What is carryover?
If Pick 6 is not won by 1 full ticket holder, the pool then carries over to the biggest event of that particular week which normally is the weekend’s race meeting. This is what then makes Pick 6 jackpots big.
What is the difference between Open Bet and Tote Bet?
An Open Bet is a tote/TAB type bet taken with a bookmaker whereby a bookmaker lays the bet, and pays the dividend as declared by the tote on the winning combinations. Please note that at the time the bet is placed, no fixed odds are agreed on but the winnings and the payout is determined after the outcome of the event on which the open bet was struck becomes known, with reference to the dividends generated by the totalizator.
Tote betting on the other hand is whereby a punter bets into a cumulative pool by which other punters are also betting into as well. The payout, which is referred to as the dividend is then shared among all of the winning players.