Sporting Post Tips

Sporting Post is a South African company which was established close to two decades ago in 1994 when general sports betting was finally legalised in South Africa. South Africa’s Horse Racing Newspaper. Racing, breeding, insights, opinion and top quality content from the experts. Sporting Post is mainly focused on horse racing and ever since it was launched, it has appeared in tabloid newsprint format, twice a week, to cater for weekend and midweek horse racing. Very detailed historical information is provided for all equine competitors at race meetings. 

Initially, Sporting Post featured general sports in its print publications such as football, cricket and rugby but the company ditched these sports due to the fact that these sports wern’t popular with their intended market. Sporting Post is the place where you will get all the horse racing information you need from on horse racing and horse breeding, you will also get general information on ‘main event’ sports betting. 

Sporting Post went digital in 1996 when they launched their website, due to the fact that internet was not popular those days as it is now, it took time for them to redisign their website, they eventually did that in 2010, giving the site a whole new look. From 2010, the website has been constantly upgraded with new and exciting features being introduced. 

Sporting Post releases its print publications twice a week and the good thing is that they also have an online version of their print publications. If you access their print publications online, you must click the middle of the image to view the fullscreen mode. 

What does Sporting Post offer in terms of Horse Racing Tips?

Sporting Post offers very useful pre race information relating to major horse races around the country, sharing their views on likely outcomes of upcoming races. On those previews, Sporting Post provides information for several things such as the Weather, Rainfall, Track Condition and so on.

Sporting Post also offers reviews which is the race information and news relating to major horse races. Sporting Poat reviews and analyse how these races played out and discuss the details relating to performance and any other interesting facts people in the horse racing industry find useful. 

You will also get access to Race Cards & Results so that you are up to date with the upcoming races as well as checking if the horses you were backing won. If you are not sure about the horses or rides to back, Sporting Post also offers you with Horse Racing betting tips, you are also provided with Horse Racing statistics on jockeys, trainers, sires and breeders, this information will be helpful when betting as well.

It is always great for you to know more about horse racing and Sporting Post also gives you information about the Horse Racing Tracks in South Africa, they have descriptions of the courses to give you a bit more knowledge on the specifics of each track.

What does Sporting Post offer in terms of Horse Breeding?

Sporting Post also takes particular interest in Horse Breeding and you they have a category on their platform that focuses on that. The Sporting Post horse breeding section gives you access to Sires, Auctions, Breeding news, Opinions, International horse racing news as well as statistics on jockeys, trainers, sires and breeders.