Place Accumulator Tips

Horse racing betting is popular in South Africa mostly because South Africans enjoy horse racing. Everyday punters have an opportunity to bet on horses because horse racing betting does not only apply to real horse races but there is also a wide range of horse racing virtuals which gives punters an opportunity to bet at any given time. In order for you to bet on horses, you must understand how betting on horses works because it is quite different to other sports such as soccer, this article takes a look at one particular type of bet called Place Accumulator. See also MagicGrid

What is a Place Accumulator?

A Place Accumulator is a bet that runs over seven races and requires the horse/horses that you have selected to finish in the first three in each race for your bet to be successful. The first race of a Place Accumulators is determined by the number of races on the card, that is, if there are 8 races on the card, the place accumulator will begin in Race 2 and if there are 9 races on the card, the place accumulator will begin in Race 3.

Does a Place Accumulator has variations?

When it comes to the Place Accumulator bet, please note that the Place Accumulator has two variations namely:
Straight Line
Straight Line
A straight line is regarded as the easiest way to select a Place Accumulator, it involves taking one horse to finish in the first three positions in each race. If it happens that any of the selections do not finish in the first three places, your bet will lose.
Leg 1 – 1
Leg 2 – 3
Leg 3 – 3
Leg 4 – 4
Leg 5 – 1
Leg 6 – 8
Leg 7 – 2
The permutation Place Accumulator allows you to pick more than one horse in your Place Accumulator if you want to. It is however important to note that selecting more than one horse will significantly increase your stake for a chance to win the full dividend. A permutation is calculated by by multiplying the number of horses in the various legs by each other.
Leg 1 – 1, 3, 6
Leg 2 – 2, 5
Leg 3 – 5, 7, 9
Leg 4 – 6, 8, 10
Leg 5 – 7
Leg 6 – 4, 10, 13
Leg 7 – 1, 5
Please note that the permutation bet can either be taken Multiple Times or as a Percentage.
Multiple Times
If the bet mentioned above was taken for R425 you would catch the bet 1 time. That means that if the dividend was R3 00 then you would win R3 000 if your bet was a winner.
You can also take the bet for more than the full bet amount. For example, if you struck the bet for R850 it would mean that you catch the bet 2 times. This means that you would win the dividend multiplied by two, so in this case: R6 000.
If you take the bet for R42.50 it would mean you would receive 10% of the dividend should you win. In this case, 10% of the dividend would equate to R300.
Below are some of the betting rules associated with Place accumulators which you should know;
Multiplier rule
If you take a permutation and more than 2 horses run into the first three your permutation will multiply. This multiplier continues to grow if more than one of your horses continue to arrive in the various legs. You may start with a 50% perm and could end up catching it multiple times.
If the horse that you have in your Place Accumulator gets scratched, your selection will be replaced by the eventual tote favourite as declared by the TabGold website.
In the event that the Place Accumulator is not won by 1 full ticket holder, the pool then carries over to the biggest event of that particular week which normally is the weekend’s race meeting