JIKA Racing

Jika horse racing is very popular betting product in South Africa and the reason for its popularity is because South African punters like horse racing and the other reason is that the punters like the convenience that is brought about by Jika racing, before getting into much detail about Jika Horse racing, let us explain what Jika Sports is.

What is Jika Sports?

Jika Sports is an innovative virtual game which was developed by Kiron which is currently available on soccer and racing (Jika Soccer and Jika Racing). Just like other virtual sports, Jika Sports is thriving under the current situation brought about by the deadly Covid 19 because more and more punters are finding Jika Sports to be a viable betting option since real sports have been postponed in an attempt to curb the virus.

The popularity of the games stems from the fact that you can bet as many times as you want on a daily basis, in fact, you can take a bet every 6 minutes on the Jika Sports in a fashion quite similar to betgames. The main advantage of having several games is that it also means that there will also be several winning opportunities and in this instance there are 10 opportunities to win hourly. The outcomes of the jika sports are generated by a computer algorithm and not based on what happens in real life but the good thing is that there is no room for bias.

Jika Sports has become so popular that several bookmakers are now offering this product on their betting platforms. Some of the bookmakers currently offering Jika Sports are Hollywoodbets, World Sports Betting and Betway among other bookmakers and you can bet on the Jika Sports on both the desktop and mobile platforms. The jika sports are live-streamed every six minutes and you can bet on these matches whilst you watch them.

Jika Horse Racing

Jika Horse Racing is a 3D animation which has a resemblance of the real horse racing sport. Punters can enjoy several jika horse races at regular intervals in fact the would be a match after every 6 minutes. The Jika Horse races feature from 8 to 14 horses which compete at high speeds across different tracks.

The graphics for these games are of a very high standard and punters can enjoy high quality virtual horse racing in the comfort of their own homes on the mobile and desktop platforms.
Virtual races are made more realistic with commentary and photo finishes so it feels like you’re an actual spectator. There is a wide range of betting markets available for Jika Horse Racing namely;
Combination Exacta
Combination Trifecta