Useful Horse Racing Betting Terms

Aid novice punters, we include the below terms to help them understand the fascinating world of horseracing. Happy betting!

Accumulator: A bet that requires all the punter’s selections to win or get a place.

All Weather: An artificial racecourse that can be run on in any weather.

Amateur Jockey: a jockey that is not yet qualified.
Apprentice: A jockey in training until they earn their stripes.

Banker: A horse that will definitely win.

Boxed-In: A horse boxed in by other horses during a race.

Classics: Major horse races that take place annually.

Colours: The outfit worn by the jockey during the race.

Colt: A name for a male horse that is under five years of age.

Course Specialist: A horse that has run and won on a specific course before.

Dam: Mother of a horse

Dead Heat: When two horses finish the race at exactly the same time.

Distance: Term to explain how long the race is.
Favourite: The horse that is most likely to win.

Filly: A female horse under 4 years old.

Form: The horse’s state is before entering into the race.

Front-Runner: The horse that is in front in a race.

Gelding: A castrated male horse.

Hand: To measurement a horse’s height.

Jackpot: A bet that requires the punter to correctly pick the winners of all listed races.

Jockey: The person riding the horse.

Juvenile: A race for horses under two years of age.

Key Race: Race of the day featuring the best horses.

Left-Handed: A racecourse that runs anti-clockwise.

Length: Literally a ‘full horse’ i.e .the length from the nose to where the tail starts.

Maiden: A horse that has yet to win a race.

Mare: A female horse over five years of age.

Non-Runner: A horse that doesn’t run in a race after being listed.

Novice: A young horse that has already won one or more races.

Photo-Finish: A photo is taken of two horses crossing the line at the exact same time. This will determine which one won the race.

Place: Finishing within the top few horses.

Punter: Person who places a bet on a horse.

Right-Handed: A racecourse that runs clockwise.

Sire: Father of a horse.

Sprint Race: A short race run at a fast pace.

Stake: The money placed on a bet.

Stall: A box that horses start from during a race.

Trainer: The person who has trained the horse.

Void: When a bet is declared invalid and a punter’s bet is returned.

Weighed-In: When all jockeys have been weighed after the race.

Win: When a punter believes the horse will finish first in the race.

Withdrawn: When a horse is removed from the race before it starts.