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What is Winning Form?
If you are familiar with betting, you will realise that betting on horses is not for everyone as this is arguably one of the most difficult sports to predict and that is where Winning Form comes in because it makes the whole horse racing betting process easy. The purpose of this article is to explain in detail how you can take advantage of the race cards offered by Winning Form and this will help you immensely in your betting activities, but firstly we need to establish who or what Winning Form is.
In its initial stages around the year 1986, Hollywoodbets was a publishing company called Winning Form and they were in the business of publishing and distributing race cards for the horse racing industry in South Africa. The company then later rebranded and expanded its services to become a bookmaker as we know them today, but they have still maintained their first business up to date and you can access Winning Form on the official Winning Form website
Winning Form is purely focused on horse racing and it produces form guides for horse racing which can be found in South African betting shops. The form guides produced by Winning Form covers some of the most popular horse racing meetings like Kenilworth, Fairview, Greyville, Turffontein amongst other races. As we have earlier stated, you can also get these form guides on their official website which is quite useful as punters will get a detailed overview and betting tips for upcoming meetings and each individual race.
The race cards do not decide for you the horse or horses to back but what Winning Form does is that they provide you with all the necessary information including predictions, and it is up to you to make a betting decision based on the information provided to you. Some of the information you must take into perspective when you are making your betting decisions include;
Horse’s form
Race Class
Race Distance
Running Style

The Winning Form Race Card
It is very important for us to establish that using the Winning Form race card does not guarantee anything but it puts you at an advantage because you will not be merely guessing when you are betting but you will be betting equipped with all the necessary information. The Race Card from Winning Form provides punters with the necessary information about the race like the venue, date and time. It is very important for a serious horse race punter to get a Race Card because it provides the punter with all the necessary information for a punter to make informed betting decisions, further information provided on the race card include;
Name of the horse betting odds
total runs course
distance weight
jockey trainer
predicted finish
There are various sections of particular interest on a Race Card which are;
Who’s Hot
For detailed information on the Jockey or the trainer, you can access the section called ‘Who’s Hot’ where you will get all the necessary information about the trainers and jockeys for a particular day. Winning Form rates the jockey’s based entirely on several individual columns that follow the jockey’s name namely the previous 30 rides at all courses, the summary of the jockey’s rides at that particular day’s course, and finally the summary of the jockey’s performance at all racecourses that season. The figure in the final column indicates how many rides the jockey has had since his/her previous win.
Magic Tips
The Magic Tips’ section gives you a breakdown of all the day’s races and each and every horse is rated from 1-5 stars and this will give you an idea of the horses which have the highest likelihood of winning the race by merely checking their ratings. Magic Tips also gives you access to the Top Bet for the Day, the Value Bet for the Day as well as the betting tips for each race on the card. Additionally, you can also get tips on Best Bets, Pick 6, Jackpot and Place Accumulators.
Winning Form Predictions
If you are looking for horse racing tips, then Winning Form has got you covered because it also offers you with horse racing betting tips each and every week. The tips from Winning Form are not only for local races, but Winning Form even covers international races like Royal Ascot, Cheltenham and Grand National. 
This is a three column section which gives you a Horse Index, Jockey Index and Trainer Index.
Understanding a racecard

You will certainly be overwhelmed when you read a race card for the first time because there are a lot of numbers and letters on a racecard which can only be understood by a seasoned punter, below is an explanation of what all those numbers and letters mean.
P or PU means the horse was ‘pulled up’ by the jockey and did not complete the race
F means the horse fell
R means the horse refused to race
BD means the horse was brought down by another runner
N/R means the horse was a non-runner
U or UR means the horse unseated its jockey
C means the horse has won on that course before
M means the horse is a maiden and therefore hasn’t won before
D means the horse has won over that distance before
CD means the horse has won over that course and distance before
W means the horse has won on a track rated slow or heavy before
BF means the horse was the race favourite but did not win
The symbol ‘ – ’ separates racing seasons. Numbers before the ‘ – ‘ are for last season
The symbol ‘ / ’ means a longer gap, for example if the horse missed an entire racing season
Numbers 1-9 means the exact position the horse finished
Number 0 means the horse finished outside the Top 9